Group Training

Infinity Fitness offers group training for all ends of the spectrum. Our diverse groups range from Kids Fitness and Athletes to Aging Adults and everywhere in between.  We specialize in delivering kick butt Circuit Training classes which is complimented well with a relaxing session of Yoga.  Read more below!

Circuit Training

Circuit TrainingCircuit Training involves a series of total body resistance and cardiovascular exercises using moderate weights, high repetitions and short rests. With your heart rate elevated the entire workout, you will burn fat while toning muscles. Each workout has a variety of new and different exercises and is suitable for any level of fitness whether a beginner wanting to get in shape and lose weight or already in great shape looking for a change in routine!

Create-Your-Own: Round up your friends, co-workers or family members to start your own group with flexibility of scheduling and workout style. Contact Us to set up an assessment and get your group in motion.

Join-an-Existing: We have a variety of groups already in place that you can join. With the schedule varying in times, days, and style, there is a perfect class for you!  Contact Us to schedule an assessment so we can place you in the group that is right for you.

Athlete Group Training

Athlete TrainingAt Infinity Fitness, you can either bring your teammates and Create-Your-Own Athlete Group or you can Join-an-Existing Athlete Group. Our athlete trainers will push you to improve and excel at the specific movements of your sport.  Our workouts will vary for each season to help make each athlete well-rounded with strength, endurance, speed and skill. Each session will be a combination of personal and team competition, equipping you for the big game.  Our experienced trainers have expertise working with all sports and understand the biomechanics to make you rise above your competition!


YogaInfinity Fitness’ style of yoga is designed to improve posture, flexibility and muscularity while bringing you peace and serenity.  The class is instructed with a balance of flowing vinyasas as well as holding isolated postures. This is a strategic balance that challenges the body and mind, helping strengthen and tone while relaxing and refreshing. All levels of Yogi’s are welcome and encouraged!

Kids Fitness

Kids FitnessStart your own Kids Fitness class with a group of peers or join an already existing class.  With today’s childhood obesity being such an issue, Kids Fitness is a fun and exciting way to keep kids active!  Take a break from the video games and help your children discover how much fun exercise can be! This program incorporates many different kinds of exercises that encourages your kids to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  Exercises will include different forms of running, jumping and agility exercises coupled with balance, coordination and functional body weight exercises. In addition, kids will be taught the importance of healthy eating habits and the basics of nutrition.  Kids Fitness is a great way for kids to stay active and develop a healthy lifestyle early on.


The Swan Method takes the elements of ballet and layers them in a series of body sculpting movements that lengthen, tighten and tone the abs, thighs, arms and seat. This method is effective because the classes are designed to include movements that contract the muscles followed by lengthening exercises that elongate the muscles.  Rhythms of movement that increase the heart rate are blended into the session for maximum caloric burn and increased strength and endurance. This is a safe yet highly effective level of training that is beneficial to many levels of fitness.