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At Infinity Fitness, our highly educated staff are here to help you reach whatever fitness goals you may have. Let us help you determine which Fitgineer will best give you that lifestyle change, desirable physique, enhanced self confidence, or increased athletic ability that you have been looking for!

Fitgineer: noun ˈfit-jə-ˈnir An Einstein in the areas of health, wellness and athleticism. Set apart by offering premium service and custom-design programs that will transform a person’s body, nutrition, and quality of life.

We are the next level of personal trainers. We are FITGINEERS.

Mike  Mike Mayhew

Specialties:  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Athlete Training, Elite Fitness, Trimming & Toning, Natural Health and Wellness, Co Creator of TigerYoga

Best Body Part: Abs & Calves

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: When one of his female clients husband called to yell at him because his wife went down 5 dress sizes and had to buy a new wardrobe.

Fitness Mentor: Mark Walberg

Best Pump Up Song:  “Machine Head” by Bush

Fitness Secret:  Don’t eat a carb when you drink alcohol

When not at the GYM:  Drawing/Painting, Outdoors (Tennis, Biking, Snowboarding, Hiking, etc.), Family

Journey to Greatness: As a football player at Miami University, he won the National Nike Fitness & Training National Championship in L.A, California which catapulted his career as Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) becoming part of a number of elite athlete’s careers. He continues to grow his knowledge by learning the most updated techniques by becoming certified in Pilates, Speed & Agility Training.  Adapting workouts as one ages to reach peak performance without risk of injuries.

What He’s Working on Now: With 20 years experience in training and business operations, he is consulting for major gyms and corporations on implementing successful fitness training strategies for improving client interest, retention and customer satisfaction. Launching TigerYoga, which implements elements of CARDIO, CORE, & YOGA to give individuals the most effective group training method available.  Helping thousands of people online with fitness tips, recipes and more at

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Yolanda yolandacollage2

Specialties: Yoga, Barre, Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle Management, Pre-natal/Post-pregnancy, Competition Training, Meal & Nutrition Planning, Co Creator TigerYoga

Best Body Part: Shoulders

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client:That ‘breakthrough’ moment when they gain that confidence that weight training gives you.

Fitness Mentor: Kathryn Budig & Erin Stern.

Best Pump Up Song: “Soar” by Christina Aguilera

Fitness Secret:  Think about the muscle you are engaging.  The mind-body connection makes the workout more effective.

When not at the GYM: If she’s not at the gym, she is making the world her gym! But most of all, she loves spending time with her 2 kids.

Journey to Greatness: Her intense background in dance and choreography has shaped her fitness lifestyle. She’s a certified personal trainer through Hondros College and constantly in pursuit of new techniques and elements of training to enhance the results of her clients.  She is also an awarded NPC figure competitor as well as a figure competition coach.

What She’s Working on Now: Launching TigerYoga, which implements elements of CARDIO, CORE, & YOGA to give individuals the most effective group training method available.  Helping thousands of people online with fitness tips, recipes and more at

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Vince Vince Colatruglio

Specialties: Physical Therapy, Mechanics/Form, Proper Exercise Progression, Therapeutic Exercise, Total Body Flexibility/Stability, Strength/Wellness

Best Body Part: Traps/Shoulders

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: Helping his clients consistently achieve both their fitness and nutritional goals as well as staying dedicated to the training and wellness process and transforming that into a lifestyle instead of a short term fix.

Fitness Mentor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Best Pump Up Song: “Party Up” – DMX

Fitness Secret: Train your body, Not your ego, Warm up/Cool Down, Flexibility, Consistency.

When not at the GYMStaying active (softball, basketball, flag football, running, swimming, etc), continuing old hobbies such as drawing/designing/illustrating, watching his beloved BUCKEYES and JAGUARS, and spending time with his big family and wonderful pooches Rocko and the Boogster.

Journey to Greatness Vince initially began his career in health care as a Licensed EMT and Firefighter the first few years out of High School, then pursued an education and career in Physical Therapy. Vince graduated with Honors from Marion Technical College with an Associates of Applied Science in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program, then became a Licensed PTA through the Ohio OTPTAT Board after passing the NPTAE in April of 2015. Vince is now working both as a full time PTA for Mount Carmel and personal trainer here at Infinity Fitness.

What He’s Working on Now: Vince is currently working on furthering his clinical knowledge and education through practice as well as continuing education courses.

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Specialties: Weight loss, Fitness, Aging adults and working around injuries

Best Body Part: Arms & Calves

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: When I first break a plateau with my client that they have been struggling with.

Fitness Mentor: Cory Gregory

Best Pump Up Song: “Enter Sandman” by Metallica

Fitness Secret: Weight training isn’t bad for you, the WAY in which you train is most likely bad for you

When not at the GYM: Tennis, Playing Basketball, Reading

Journey to Greatness: As the Recipient of the 2018 Glendine Huggins Wadlington Memorial Endowed Award at Otterbein University, I have what it takes to overcome challenges. Not only have I fought through my own adversity, I would like to serve as a role model for those who struggle with their own obstacles. Physical, Mental, and Emotional health are all intertwined and greatly improve through physical activity and proper nutrition!

What He’s Working on Now: Creating a reputation for being one of the best trainers at Infinity Fitness. With certifications through ACSM as a personal trainer and never ending research, he strives to master his profession. Hunter uses SMART goals in order to hold clients accountable and tailor programs specifically to each individual.

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Specialties: Nutrition, lean & tone body, strength gain, balance, agility, and endurance.

Best Body Part: Legs

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: When they apply the lessons learned in training to their daily life and see results!

Fitness Mentor: Jeff Cavaliere AKA “Athlean X”, Mike Mayhew & Yolanda Rooney!

Best Pump Up Song:  “Ghosts n Stuff” by Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire

Fitness Secret: Fruits and veggies are limitless!

When not at the GYM: Making new creations in the kitchen, spoiling my 4-legged children, and hanging out with the family!

Journey to Greatness: As the youngest of 5 with an outdoor childhood, I grew up with a tough mindset and constant drive to be better and stronger. Competitive dance and powderpuff were my favorite sports. Gardening is a hobby, and I am passionate about fresh food and healing the body from the inside. I’ve used good diet and nutrition to conquer my own challenges and am excited to share my knowledge and success!

What She’s Working on Now: Constantly seeking further education from experts of sports and nutrition. Implementing science into workouts to create the safest, most effective workout strategies. Striving for ant-like heights with my strength and endurance like Bruce Lee.

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Specialties: Exercise prescription, resistance training and weight loss protocols, core development, training energy systems

Best Body Part: Core!

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: Early on in my time at Infinity, a client described to me the instant positive impact starting a training program had had on their lifestyle. They noticed themselves walking taller and feeling stronger and more confident, and it’s inspiring to help make a difference in someone’s life!

Fitness Mentor(s): My Dad (got me started in running and always provided opportunities for me to be active), my collegiate track coach/supervisor Jim Nichols, and all the professors at the Ithaca College Exercise Science Department!

Best Pump Up Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons feat. Kendrick Lamar

Fitness Secret: Progression, Patience, and Perseverance!

When not at the GYM: Playing and watching sports, reading (fiction, science literature, news), exploring Columbus, watching TV, spending too much time on social media

Journey to Greatness:  A physically active childhood in upstate New York led to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Exercise Science from Ithaca College. After working as an assistant coach for the cross country and track & field teams at IC for a year after grad school, I decided to move to Columbus to experience a different part of the country. Looking for opportunities in the fitness industry led me to Infinity Fitness!

What He’s Working on Now: Working toward a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification through the NSCA, furthering knowledge relating to exercise physiology and fitness practices, and exploring Columbus!

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Jacob Times

Specialties: Weight Loss for General Population, Increasing Strength Gains

Best Body Part: Shoulders and Biceps

Fitness Mentor: Zach Zeiler

Best Pump Up Song: Alan Walker – Fade

Fitness Secret: Proper form and nutrition

When not at the GYM: Playing guitar, eating, running, cycling and spending time with friends.

Journey to Greatness: Started the journey running cross country in high school. After high school he got obsessed with nutrition and shortly after that lifting weights. Jacob Is now NASM certified and excited to help others reach their fitness goals.

What He’s Working on Now: In his career, Jacob is working on helping as many people as a personal trainer and increasing his clientele. Personally, he is working on building as much muscle as possible!

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Specialties: Strength and Weight loss, Beginners

Best Body Part: Legs

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: “Seeing my clients develop healthy lifestyle goals that turn into healthy lifestyle habits and benefit their overall wellness, long-term.”

Fitness Mentor: My Dad

Best Pump Up Song: “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors

Fitness Secret: “Each day is a new opportunity to improve myself, one step at a time. I focus on something that I want to feel more confident about and do something each day to get me closer to that goal.”

When not at the GYM: Spending time with kids, Canoeing, Nature Walks, Reading and Trying new Pinterest Recipes

Journey to Greatness: From Elementary through High School she was involved in a variety of sports including: Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Track and Field, Cross Country, and Swimming. Her love of exercise and athletics continued throughout college, as she double-majored in Athletic Training and Health Promotion and Fitness at Otterbein University. Through several clinical and practical experiences she became more knowledgeable about working with a diverse population of individuals, ranging from adolescents to seniors. Kenleigh is passionate about achieving her health and wellness goals and helping others to achieve theirs too.

What She’s Working on Now: Studying to take a few certification exams to build her professional skill set.

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This could be you!    14a9a6eca10111265a82cb0720384679

APPLY today to be a leader in the Fitness Industry

Specialties: Learn from top trainers in the industry. Therapeutic Exercise, Weight Management through Nutrition, Lean out

Best Body Part: ALL

Most Gratifying Moment with a Client: Help so many people and change their lives

Fitness Mentor: Infinity Fitness

Best Pump Up Song: Anything that MOTIVATES

Fitness Secret: Iron sharpens Iron.

When not at the GYM: Growning a career in the Fitness Industry

Journey to Greatness:  Joining Infinity Fitness

What they are Working on Now: Conducts a lot of research regarding fad diets, exercise development, nutrition, physical therapy, sports training and performance.

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