Nutrition Services

At Infinity Fitness, we believe nutrition is equally as important in your healthy lifestyle journey as fitness. Registered Dietitians, specializing in weight loss and weight management, will help you make the right choices with the right ingredients and the proper portions. We believe food is medicine and eating right can heal!

Nutrition Counseling

For many of us, a little extra help with nutrition can go a long way.  Whether it is a lack of knowledge or self control, our Registered Dietitians will educate you on the right foods to eat at the right time. These customized programs may include face-to-face sessions, weekly food log analysis, recipes, menu ideas, and whatever else you will need to conquer your nutritional goals.

Customized Meal Plans

Not sure what to eat and when to eat it? Bored with your weekly menu? Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else planned your meals for you? After consulting with our Registered Dietitian and Fitgineer, they will make you a 5-day meal plan tailored to your needs and goals. Dietary restrictions are welcome here!

Metabolism Testing

How many calories do I burn per day? How many calories do I need to eat to lose weight? These questions and more can be answered by testing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). You will now be able to scientifically lose weight instead of guessing on how many calories to consume! Learn more and schedule your test here.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery ShoppingEver walk down the isle at the grocery store and wonder what is truly “healthy”? Do you get confused and persuaded by all of the marketing on packages claiming to be “the next best thing”? Are you scared to go to a new health food store because there are so many foods you haven’t seen before?  By spending an afternoon at your grocery store of choice with our Registered Dietitian, you will get answers to all these questions, learn how to shop for preparing healthy meals, and most importantly, feel confident in what to buy at the grocery store!