One-on-One Training

People of all ages are finding they need assistance in achieving optimal health.  For some, they might need guidance and, for others, motivation.  Either way, our experienced trainers will customize each workout specifically to your needs to make each workout fun, exciting and of course successful at reaching your goals. Everyday we help clients just like you achieve even the most lofty of goals!  Look at our programs below and Contact Us with the program that best suits your needs.

Weight Loss & Toning

Weight LossInfinity Fitness’ fool-proof weight loss program will completely transform the way you look, feel and live your life. This fat-burning program is a comprehensive program including resistance training, nutrition counseling and cardiovascular training that will be sure to shape up and tone your trouble areas. COME AS YOU ARE and expect awesome results because once this program begins you won’t want to stop until you have hit your goal!

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Healthy Lifestyle Management

Healthy Lifestyle ManagementIf you ask…”What does it REALLY look like to live a healthy lifestyle?” then this program is for you!  Don’t wait for the doctor to tell you that you have developed a life threatening disease, the scale to tell you that you have gained too much weight, or your clothes to scream that they don’t fit anymore. Instead, learn weight management techniques that will last a lifetime.

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Athlete Training

Athlete TrainingInfinity Fitness is continuously developing and refining the most current training techniques, enabling athletes to increase their overall speed, strength, explosiveness, agility, and sport-specific ability.  Our speed development curriculum and weight training techniques were developed by our very own strength and conditioning coaches.  Infinity Fitness athletes compete in a wide variety of sports and are of diverse age ranges and skill levels.  Our goal is to work with you to design a sport-specific training program that will meet the needs of each individual athlete enhancing their performance.

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Aging Adults

Aging AdultsDesigned for a generation that grew up with little emphasis on the benefits of exercise or major health issues, our Aging Adults program has been developed to educate, rehabilitate and strengthen!  We understand that every person is coming in at a different place in their health and fitness journey so this program is individualized to each client and their specific needs.  Our certified trainers are experienced at working with clients of every background, whether it is heart disease, diabetes, back pain, arthritis or even just a lack of motivation!

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Pre-Natal/Post-PregnancyFind out you’re pregnant and scared you will gain too much?  Had a baby and can’t lose the baby fat?  Our pre-natal/post-pregnancy program will put you at ease about your health and allow you to focus on your new stage of life. Doctors now recommend working out and being active all the way up until the day you pop and again, under most circumstances, six weeks after delivery.  Our qualified trainers will help keep you in your healthy weight guidelines and help make your delivery and recovery a smooth process.  Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean you can’t look good again!

Competition Training

Looking to compete in Figure, Bikini, Fitness or Bodybuilding? Train with our experienced and educated staff to bulk up, lean out and bring home first place! This program will include detailed nutrition counseling and intense workout regimens that will be sure to give you the results that you desire.