Success Stories

See how Infinity Fitness has changed so many people’s lives. These results can be YOUR reality too!

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LOST 65 lbs, 30 inches, 11% Body Fat in 8 MONTHS

David Emerson“In January I decided it was time to make a life change. With Infinity Fitness’s help, I cleaned up my diet, went through fun, but challenging workouts (even though I really hate those planks!) and I lost my first 30lbs!  After the challenge was over I realized for the first time that it REALLY is possible to lose all of my excess weight so I kept working until I lost all of my 65lbs that I needed to lose.  I now am maintaining my weight and applying my new healthy habits!  Thank you Infinity Fitness for your “above and beyond” assistance in my journey to a healthy lifestyle.”





Transformed from 17% Body Fat to 7% in less than 2 months

“I would used to workout by myself at school but never really knew what I was doing. My mom wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt, my form was correct, and I did not learn any bad habits. Once I started with Infinity Fitness fitgineers I was SHOCKED how my body started responded so quickly to the training methods they were teaching me. My new muscles have really helped my self confidence at school. I LOVE coming to Infinity Fitness!”








LOST 60 lbs. in 9 MONTHS

Katie McCollister“Six months ago I began a total lifestyle change in order to lose weight and lower my sugar levels.  I completely changed my eating habits, began working out at Infinity Fitness twice a week and walking everyday.  It has been the hardest but most rewarding challenge ever set before me.  I credit first Jesus Christ for giving me the desire and ability to stay with this lifestyle change when I really wanted to quit and I credit the trainers at Infinity Fitness for their positive and consistent encouragement all along the way.  I’m now over 60 pounds lighter, my sugar levels are going down and I’ve never felt better!”

LOST over 40lbs, 31 inches, 9% Body Fat

Aubrey Smith“During my college years I decided that I needed to lose weight. During my four years I lost about 40 pounds.  I decided about a year ago that I wanted to continue the weight loss and start this “new lifestyle”.  Over this past year, I‘ve lost 40lbs and Infinity Fitness has helped me to embrace and love this whole healthy lifestyle process.  I have learned the right way to eat and love going to the grocery store and finding new healthy foods to try.  I also am in the process of getting certified in personal training and am looking forward to sharing my journey with future clients.”

LOST over 100lbs COMBINED

The Brickers“Our family experience here at Infinity Fitness has been very exciting.  We are learning a lot from our trainer on working out, nutrition and motivation.  With the help of our trainer we have completely changed our lifestyles and are now, for the first time, confident that we can reach our goals. We couldn’t have done it without their help.  As a family we have lost 100 pounds and counting! Thank you Infinity Fitness!”


LOST over 45lbs, 16 inches, 4% Body Fat

Weight Lost: 40.4lbs Body Fat Lost: 4% Inches Lost: 16 Total Inches


LOST 6.5% Body Fat, 11.5lbs Fat Mass

Emma & Kathy Clark“This is my first experience with a personal trainer and it has had a huge impact on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.  My trainer is always positive, knows when to push and when to back off and provides great diet and nutrition tips. With her help and guidance, I completed my first 5k which has been a goal of mine for years!” -Kathy, age 47

“The Infinity fitness trainers have exceeded all of my expectations as trainers. They have helped me build up muscle in my shoulders, chest, back and legs which have enabled me to greatly improve my tennis game. I can serve faster and more explosively. Prior to coming to Infinity Fitness, my performance would greatly decrease in the second set of a match due to fatigue but after working with my trainer for 5 months, I now play as hard at the end of my match as I do at the beginning. Infinity has been able to create a positive and motivational training environment every time I come in for a training session and I look forward to continuing to improve!” -Emma, age 17


LOST 13 % Body Fat,

“I think Infinity Fitness has the most AWESOME trainers and owe so much of my initial progress to them.  I am so grateful. They in NO WAY did anything but motivate me.  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about their style of training and the results.” – Greg, age 46


Infinity Fitness Collegiate and Professional Athletes:

  • Ben Buchanan – Ohio State – Football (Kicker)
  • Matt Stewart – NFL
  • Travis Jackson – Michigan State – Football
  • Alex Kellogg – Providence – Basketball
  • Rocco Pentello – Ohio State – Football
  • Erin Doone – Miami University
  • Melissa Thompson – Ohio University – Track
  • Chris Sanford – Maryland – Swimming
  • Talisa Kellogg – Georgia Tech – Volleyball
  • Bryce Warren – Butler – Tennis
  • Jimmy Vahalik – Toledo – Baseball